Training Materials to Start and Grow your Business

training materials

Our guide is ready! A very complete guide to help you better identify the various issues.

Growing a business from the first seed of an idea is not a smooth linear journey and it’s not
as simple as going from A to B. It is indeed important to know that it is a continuous
development that requires innovative thinking, organizational skills, time, motivation, and
commitment. This training material aims to give the proper tools and information to young
people who are interested in starting a business and the ones who are running growing
businesses in Europe.

Let’s take a look at our guide here: Link

The following topics will be addressed throughout the chapters:

🔹Innovation and creativity;
🔹How to build confidence;
🔹Budget and funding;
🔹How to write a business plan;
🔹Law and regulation;
🔹Communication and business visibility dissemination.

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