The Partnership

Diversity Living Services take the leap project partner

Diversity Living Services (UK)

Diversity Living Services is a long-established (2002) BAME led organisation embedded in the disadvantaged BAMER and other communities in our catchment area – communities which are often seen as hard-to-reach by public authorities. We are based in Edmonton in the London Borough of Enfield and our catchment area extends to the whole of Enfield and neighbouring boroughs of Haringey, Waltham Forest and Barnet. We have vast experience in working with these communities to identify and support their needs. Our aim is to promote equality and diversity by supporting Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in accessing services and opportunities through advice, training, advocacy, participation and engagement with mainstream services.

Our objectives:

  • Promote social integration, equality and inclusion by raising public awareness and challenging discrimination and social exclusion against disadvantaged BAME people;
  • Provide independent and confidential information, advice, guidance and support on welfare rights, equality, human rights, housing, employment and legal issues;
  • Promote good health and wellbeing through community training and awareness about health, employability skills, and access to services and opportunities;
  • Support young people in accessing services and opportunities including employment, arts, education, housing and social support;
  • Promote and develop the capacity of young people by building on their skills and aptitudes for their personal growth and their community’s long-term success and development;
  • Represent our service users in decision-making and consultations to ensure they reflect the makeup of local communities.


Ernest Rukangira


Mobilizing Expertise take the leap project partner

Mobilizing Expertise AB (Sweden)

Mexpert is Mobilising Expertise; an efficient Swedish social enterprise for Nordic, European and International Projects. Our main 5 working areas are:

  • providing training;
  • creating educational tools;
  • mobilising volunteers to professionalism;
  • project management;
  • promoting entrepreneurship among youth and adult.

Our team consists of 5 experts with a diverse background who has been worked in private and public sector.

Our Profile

We have several training packages which have been created through our international projects. These trainings are combining online courses, study visits and pragmatic knowledge. We are creating non-formal, alternative and easy to use educational tools for youth workers, educators, volunteers and staff.

We recognise the value within volunteership in several NGOs and social enterprises. We are taking the volunteers to the next level; to be an expert in the area they are volunteering by involving them in our strategic partnership projects. We help people to bring their ideas into the reality through project management tools and process. We promote entrepreneurial values; “think out of the box”. We help entrepreneurs to develop their business and how their business can be an added value for society through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We value knowledge and people who have the knowledge. We believe these; people and knowledge, should mobilise and be easy to access. Whatever we do we want it to be; manageable, understandable and most importantly meaningful. Our mission We want to bring people, places, and projects together to create a sustainable future for a better Sweden, European and world.


Charlotte Meletli


Actac take the leap project partner



ACTAC is formed at the end of year 1999 and its activities started in 2000.

ACTAC is organization of creative and “rebellious” individuals that contribute to top implementation through the use of engaged socially responsible art. No one can produce as much media radiation for so little money as we are set to spend little money on administration, offices and that is why we succeed where others cannot.

ACTAC is the only organization with certified Community Reporters in Macedonia and has a network of reporters in municipalities and strong field support from schools, institutional establishment.

The mission of ACTAC is directed towards installing the European standards into society, as a way of democracy implementing. This refers to the European participative manners development, rightful representation (gender, cultural and ethnic principles) sustainable conditions and problems’ resolving. By that , the main method of ACTAC work is determined, and that is work in the policy and work through the growth of the cultural communities. ACTAC works locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


Martina Biljarovska


NGO RITINEITIS take the leap project partner

NGO Ritineitis (Latvia)

The Adult Non-formal Education Center Azote is the foundation of the NGO “Ritineitis”. The center’s “Azote” functions include not only educational functions, but also functions of promoting culture, motivation for job search, social mentoring and others.

Ritineitis and ANEC Azote:

To broaden the opportunities for individuals to achieve the necessary education and professional qualifications, thus contributing to the development of lifelong learning;

To organize activities in the arrangement and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage;

To provide support for children, young people, pensioners and people with special needs in promoting their access to the environment, improving their knowledge, skills and abilities, raising their self-esteem;

To increase the competitiveness of business both on a regional and international scale;

To develop entertainment, sports, recreation and introduction – interactive communication – spheres;

To promote the active participation of Balvi residents in raising the overall standard of living by uniting the Balvi region community;

To promote the economic security of the society and the development of democracy, knowing itself as an integral part of the European Union;

To cooperate with similar organizations in Latvia, EU Member States and partner countries, as well as in other countries, which are not incompatible with the objectives of the organization;

To cooperate with local government institutions;

To attract financial resources for the implementation of the organization’s goals.

There are four office workers- manager of ANEC Azote and three project managers , as well as about 40 teachers and lecturers who works periodically. Although the training center has not been established long ago, it has employees with a rich experience in implementing of international projects like Grundvig, Comenius, Nordplus and Erasmus +.


Arnita Gaiduka

EProjectConsult take the leap project partner

Eprojectconsult – Istituto Europeo di Formazione e Ricerca (Italy)

“Eprojectconsult. Istituto Europeo Formazione e Ricerca” is an Italian NGO established in 2009 that organizes traineeships for around 500 young people a year (both students, teachers and professionals). We are an upcoming and enthusiastic staff, highly committed to spread innovative ideas, creativity and self-development. We aim to help people to acquire the means to build their own destiny through the almost endless possibilities the framework of the European Union projects (Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Europe for citizens, etc.) offer. We have conducted hundreds European projects, successfully managing the mobility of thousands of young workers and staff, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews in the meantime.

The number of projects we manage is growing every year, and we are always looking for new partners who share our enthusiasm and principles towards education and professional development. We are mostly specialized in the Management of Project Lifecycle, Evaluation (Assessment) and Dissemination of projects, but have huge experience in the other areas of the project cycle too.

The international staff is composed by young and proactive managers, with a great experience in Project Management and in the development and implementation of European and national projects at private and public level. The staff has strong intercultural and language skills due to time spent studying and working abroad. The official language of the office is English; however, the staff also speaks Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, and Japanese. The staff is multidisciplinary with backgrounds including law, social problems, tourism, marketing and economics.


Federica Sottile


Project Coordinator

Diversity Living Services

1st Floor, 54-56 The Market Square
Edmonton Green, London, N9 0TZ

Telephone : 020-88036161