Take The Leap Online Course

Take the Leap is a project the European Commission funded under the Erasmus+ programme KA2 Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training.
It was designed as a help for the excluded youth to turn their entrepreneurship ideas into reality.

Take The Leap Online Course

To be successful as an entrepreneur, you must first master the fundamentals. This course is meant to provide you with a foundational understanding of entrepreneurship and business management so that you may start and grow a company. The course is broken down into seven units:

1. What is Entrepreneurship?

As the first module in this course, you will get to know the building blocks of entrepreneurship. Specifically, the module will cover The definition of being an entrepreneur; The importance of creating great ideas and how to start the idea generation process; Where to start with finding viable problems that exist in your marketplace; Recognising your own skills, qualities, and attributes that will help you progress in a specialist area or industry.

2. Innovation, Creative Mindset, and Building Confidence

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and you will need many different qualities, skills, and areas of expertise to make your venture a success. The focus of this module will be in the following areas: Demonstrating innovation and a creative mindset; Showing confidence in everything that you do; Become familiar with the concept of innovation and what it means in the context of entrepreneurship as well as how to weave it into every aspect of your work; Developing creativity, identifying ways to be creative and why creativity in business is important; Why mindset is significant and how confidence plays a role in your entrepreneurial journey.

3. Budget and Funding

Business success depends on healthy finances and that will be the focus of the third module of this course. This module will be brought to you a close look at evaluating financial performance and the importance of doing so. You will explore The world of budgets in clear and simple terms; What a budget is, how it is used, and most importantly, how to prepare one of your business ventures; The funds you have available at any given time, which is crucial for a successful business; The ways in which a business can be financed and how to source finance correctly; The funding and fundraising opportunities to start or grow your business.

4. How to write a business plan?

In Module 4, you will learn about the business plan, including what it is, why it’s important, and how to develop one that’s tailored to your business idea. You will learn: What a business plan is; How a business plan is structured and written; How to draft each section in your business plan from the executive summary through to defining the marketplace, you serve, SWOT Analysis, the products and services that you sell, the customers you are targeting and the systems, processes, policies, and procedures that will allow you to deliver your product or service; Techniques for writing up a company profile, conducting market research and identifying what you need to deliver your product or service; Preparing detailed financial information.

5. Law and Regulations

Being fully compliant with the law and the various regulations that exist as well as codes of practice is important for any new business. An understanding of the laws that you must comply with it sets your business on the right track and prevents problems further down the line. In this module, you will learn: The various business laws that you should be familiar with as well as the industry standards and codes of practice that you should comply with, whether this is related to health and safety or everyday best practice; The basics of business law so you can put in place the right guidelines for staff and ensure that your business is operating within the regulatory requirements.

6. Marketing

Marketing is fundamental to your success as an entrepreneur. If people don’t know who you are or that your business exists, it will be very difficult to thrive or even survive. Within this module you will learn: What marketing is and why it is important; The difference between traditional and digital marketing and the various types of marketing; The importance of developing a marketing strategy and how to do so; Choosing marketing channels and platforms online; Implementation of affordable market tools. This chapter will look at the topics of business visibility, dissemination and advertising strategy, Logos, and the power of social media.

7. How To Make Your Start Up A Success?

This chapter will examine the issues of professionalism, communication, and teamwork. Relationship building with clients and colleagues, human resources, benefits from people’s skills and competencies.

Every unit consists of different materials from Videos, PowerPoint slides, Word documents, and PDFs to download, Games, and Reflective questions which will help you to master the topic of entrepreneurship and develop skills that are essential to creating a successful business.