NGO RITINEITIS take the leap project partner

NGO Ritineitis (Latvia)

The Adult Non-formal Education Center Azote is the foundation of the NGO “Ritineitis”. The center’s “Azote” functions include not only educational functions, but also functions of promoting culture, motivation for job search, social mentoring and others.

Ritineitis and ANEC Azote:

To broaden the opportunities for individuals to achieve the necessary education and professional qualifications, thus contributing to the development of lifelong learning;

To organize activities in the arrangement and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage;

To provide support for children, young people, pensioners and people with special needs in promoting their access to the environment, improving their knowledge, skills and abilities, raising their self-esteem;

To increase the competitiveness of business both on a regional and international scale;

To develop entertainment, sports, recreation and introduction – interactive communication – spheres;

To promote the active participation of Balvi residents in raising the overall standard of living by uniting the Balvi region community;

To promote the economic security of the society and the development of democracy, knowing itself as an integral part of the European Union;

To cooperate with similar organizations in Latvia, EU Member States and partner countries, as well as in other countries, which are not incompatible with the objectives of the organization;

To cooperate with local government institutions;

To attract financial resources for the implementation of the organization’s goals.

There are four office workers- manager of ANEC Azote and three project managers , as well as about 40 teachers and lecturers who works periodically. Although the training center has not been established long ago, it has employees with a rich experience in implementing of international projects like Grundvig, Comenius, Nordplus and Erasmus +.


Arnita Gaiduka

Project Coordinator

Diversity Living Services

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