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Eprojectconsult – Istituto Europeo di Formazione e Ricerca (Italy)

“Eprojectconsult. Istituto Europeo Formazione e Ricerca” is an Italian NGO established in 2009 that organizes traineeships for around 500 young people a year (both students, teachers and professionals). We are an upcoming and enthusiastic staff, highly committed to spread innovative ideas, creativity and self-development. We aim to help people to acquire the means to build their own destiny through the almost endless possibilities the framework of the European Union projects (Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Europe for citizens, etc.) offer. We have conducted hundreds European projects, successfully managing the mobility of thousands of young workers and staff, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews in the meantime.

The number of projects we manage is growing every year, and we are always looking for new partners who share our enthusiasm and principles towards education and professional development. We are mostly specialized in the Management of Project Lifecycle, Evaluation (Assessment) and Dissemination of projects, but have huge experience in the other areas of the project cycle too.

The international staff is composed by young and proactive managers, with a great experience in Project Management and in the development and implementation of European and national projects at private and public level. The staff has strong intercultural and language skills due to time spent studying and working abroad. The official language of the office is English; however, the staff also speaks Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, and Japanese. The staff is multidisciplinary with backgrounds including law, social problems, tourism, marketing and economics.


Federica Sottile



Project Coordinator

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