take the leap project
Empowering young people with fewer opportunities to become more employable and successful entrepreneurs.

Take the Leap Project

Project Overall Aims

Promoting inclusion, equality and diversity in entrepreneurship and start-up  for disadvantaged young people

Promote Employment Opportunities for Disadvantaged Young People.

Promote access to labour market, finance and business creation opportunities for Disadvantaged Young People.

Why you should enroll in Take the Leap online course?

In this video you will get the idea why this course is helpful and what kind of situation will you avoid after you finish Take the Leap Course.

Ideas run the business, but you also need a little "technique", learn it in Take the Leap

Watch this video and learn more about techniques you can master with Take The Leap Course.
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Take the Leap Project is co-funded by the EU through ERASMUS+ Agreement n° 2019-1-UK01-KA202-061906.
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